Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Fountain and other food for thought

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Image from The Fountain

My husband and I finally got to watch the movie The Fountain the other night and were quite impressed. While the complexities of the triple plot interwoven make it a little difficult to get into in the beginning, the spiritual message and the beautiful imagery make it well worth it.
Like the 1998 film, What Dreams May Come this story uses beautiful imagery to tell a deeply spiritual love story of a man unwilling to part from his wife. These kinds of movies that speak to our hearts and at the same time make us think rather than sell us a little bit of easy pap are few and far between.

Now movies like What the #$*! Do We (K)now!? and The Secret are great movies too, but tend to be somewhat, preachy, especially as they are full of "talking heads" lecturing the movie goer (or DVD watcher as the case maybe). While the information in the latter two movies is great, it's not what moves me or entertains me, nor is it what is going to move the average joe who want to be entertained and perhaps a bit moved. I know that The Secret "offended" my sister-in-law because it neglected to mention Jesus. She will never quite get the message because the message of the Secret will somehow only really get to the people who already know it. It's nice to know that people like the producers of movies like these are making movies like these though.

I much prefer the centuries-long love story of The Fountain have me ask myself what is the meaning of life to the talking heads of new-age philosophers anyday. Even if it is all good soul food.