Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway Carnival

I guess the giveaways have me coming out of blogging retirement.

I've never heard of Bloggy Giveaway Carnival until I started following this wonderful woman's blogs. From her gentle wisdom and humor, I've learned quite a thing or two and all this week, I've been entering giveaway drawings from that Carnival like a fiend.

Here are my favorite giveaway contests I've entered so far:

Penny Raine's:

Stop the Stress book package

Be sure to check her other Bloggy Giveaways too. Highlights are:

Your pick of a book from Living on a Dime

Fields With God eBook (A gorgeous Nature Study book)

Bible Journal

Teaching Science and Having Fun ebook

Get The Bean:

This is a the blog of a new online store selling my favorite love-hate relationship thing coffee! They have lovely photos depicting the different parts of the world that the coffees come from, and a schnazzy look and feel. Stop by their blog to win a Pound of Coffee.